Plastic Lifter/Winder Combo


Tired of removing your plastic mulch by hand? Eliminate the need for hand removal of plastic and save labor/money in the process. The Tilmor Plastic Lifter and Winder will help you take back your field and profit with ease! The special Combo Cat. 1 toolbars will allow you to lift and wind plastic at the same time on standard 3″ to 4″ raised beds. Taller beds may require separate lifting and winding operations. This system can be used on low horsepower tractors down to 20 horsepower. The lifter has a wide adjustment range, allowing you to fit the width of your plastic (3 ft., 4 ft. or 5 ft.). The plastic winder is ground driven, meaning that whatever speed you’re traveling, the winder is spinning appropriately. The winder also spins in a direction that allows for dirt and debris to be shed from the plastic as it winds.
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