Norseman Gauge Wheel Arm

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The Original Roller Bearing Gauge Wheel Arm 

The gauge wheel arm pivot is the #1 wear point on planters. The load on the gauge wheel is offset from the centre of the row. This offset load causes asymmetrical wear between the pivot bush and the bore of the arm. These points wear and the gauge wheel tire comes out of contact with the opener disk, allowing mud and trash to build up behind the wheel. Once this wear occurs, the only option is to adjust the tire in closer to the opener disc causing premature wear on the tire.  
The Norseman Gauge wheel arm is different from all other kits on the market. The Norseman Gauge wheel arm uses the industry-standard 5203KYY2 sealed bearing as a pivot point. This keeps the Gauge wheel tire exactly where you set it and requires no greasing and practically no maintenance.
Competitors products such as the, John Deere gauge wheel arm repair kit and the RK Products gauge arm repair kit replace the worn out arm with the same old high wear, and high maintenance style of arm kit.
Norseman Guage wheel arms not only replace worn parts, but removes the requirement for future maintenance and prevents future wear.
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