I&J Crop Crimpers and Rollers

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Product Features:

Standard 8′, 10.5′, and 15.5′ widths.

Custom builds of any size up to 60′ wide

Please call for quotes on various sizes Mounted with a three point hitch.

Cover crop roller had blades that are arranged in chevron pattern to prevent bouncing.

Blades are welded and replacement blades can be bolted on as needed. Blades on the drum are spaced 8″ apart mounted on 16″ diameter pipe.

Any non-freezing liquid can be added for added weight to improve performance of crop rolling adding (75lb per ft) Weight of the 10.5′ Cover Crop Roller Crimper is 1835 lbs empty and 2635 lbs filled with water.

Mounting Options:

The Cover Crop Roller can be mounted on a front end loader with custom built adapter. The Crop Roller can also be pulled with horses using our optional trailing frame.

General Notes:

* Add 75lb per ft filled with liquid.

*We reserve the right to adjust prices. Price changes may not be immediately reflected on web site. Prices do not include freight costs.

Additional Product Images

Crop Roller Overview

Crop Roller in Action

Food Plot Crop Roller

Trailed Crop Roller

Flip Over Crop Roller

15 – 1/2 ft Narrow Transport Crop Roller

Additional information

Weight 0.0625 lbs

Financing Available On Orders $500 - $25,000

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