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With the Tilmor large trailing arm kit, you can conveniently add finger weeders to many existing and new cultivator systems! The trailing arm was designed to have adjustable flexibility depending on soil hardness and condition. Finger weeders work specifically for in-row cultivation, uprooting small and just emerging weeds. This kit can be used on a wide variety of row crops for farmers growing on any scale. It is an inexpensive alternative to improve existing cultivator performance.


  • Universal mount for almost all cultivators with 4” – 7” square toolbars
  • Arm length is 56”
  • Down pressure can be adjusted using different combinations of polyethylene durometers which act similar to springs, but without the complicated spring adjustments
  • Allows for pressures ranging from weight of finger weeders (for running in loose soil) to the heavy weight of the cultivator (for running in hard soil)
  • Ability to easily pin trailing arm up for when not in use
  • Trailing arm joints are cushioned for safe transport even when upside down or sideways
  • All height and length adjustments can be made with a ¾” wrench

Keep in Mind:

  • The center of the 13” finger weeders should run at least 12” behind the closest sweep to the row or at least 12” behind last sweep in gang of sweeps
  • 13″ finger weeders cultivate 4-6″ in the crop row
  • It is recommended to run a Sweep, Tender Plant hoe or A-Blade within 3-5” of the row for maximum effectiveness
  • This system may not mount to metric cultivator toolbars
  • Fingers should not bear heavy down pressure of the cultivator itself; gauge wheels may need to be added to prevent this.
  • Since every cultivator frame is unique you may need to find a way to custom mount the trailing arm onto areas of the toolbar that already have mounting hardware
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