Plastic Lifter


  • Two 20″ notched blades gently cut underneath and lift the plastic
  • Includes the necessary hardware (Left and Right) to lift both sides of the plastic at one time
  • Easily attaches to a 2″ toolbar via U-bolts for maximum adjustability
  • It can be used on 4′ and 5′ wide plastic
  • The Lifter and Winder are independent of each other and can be used on a variety of tractors
  • Plastic Lifters will only lift the edges of the plastic. To completely lift and remove plastic mulch, the Plastic Winder or alternative plastic winding system is necessary.
  • Plastic Lifters do not operate optimally in fields with large amounts of debris or in wet ground conditions.
  • If mounted on a rear toolbar without depth control, use a pair of gauge wheels to maintain constant depth (Tilmor parts AW-9061 and AA-9059).
  • Requires a 2″ toolbar for installation and operation
  • Sold as a Pair
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