Cole Planet Jr Push and 3 point Planter



-Accurately meters hard-to-handle seeds in continuous drill, including tomatoes, onions, sugar beets, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, etc.

-Conversion kits available to go from push to 3pt and 3pt to push.

-Special seed plates for multi-row applications are also available.

-Power from the front wheel turns the feed wheel in the hopper assuring constant flow of seeds. -Feed Wheel Seeds pass through a hole in the seed plate. The diameter size of the hole controls the amount of seed flow.

-Three seed plates with 13 holes each come with every drill.

-This gives you a total of 39 seed flow adjustments ranging in diameter from 3/32″ to 3/4″.

-Holes are numbered for easy selection.

-No calibration is necessary between drills.

-Seed plates change easily without fitted tools.

-4″ of Float: Cradle bracket allows the drill to float a full 4″ up and down.

-Unique spring suspension permits each drill to follow the contours of the ground independently allowing uniform depth of seed.

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