Bale Huggers

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Large Rectangular Bale Hugger


Bale squeeze for large rectangular bales, wrapped / unwrapped. Both arms open hydraulically to handle bales from 48” to 96” in width, up to 2,800 lbs. Unit handles wrapped / unwrapped large rectangular bales as well as round bales. Mounts to skid steer loaders & tractor front loaders that use the industry standard “universal” skid steer quick attach system. Unit is shipped with cylinders, hoses and flat-face couplers.

715 LBS


Designed for tractor loaders with the Euro/Global tool carrier. Both arms open on this bale squeeze to gently handle wrapped / unwrapped large rectangular bales as well as round bales. Arms open 48” to 96” and can handle bales up to 2,800 lbs. Unit is shipped with hydraulic cylinders, less hoses and couplings. 

740 LBS

Rotating Round Bale Hugger

The “R” series allows the operator to pick up a bale, rotate it up to 110⁰ and stack it like a soup can for increased versatility. All without having to place the bale down and reposition the clamps. This eliminates double handling, saving the operator time when unloading from a trailer. Optional solenoid kit for power units equipped with a single auxiliary valve includes hoses & couplers. Rotating Bale Hand for tractor loaders. Rated at 2,200 lbs. for round bales 4-6 ft. Both arms open to clamp the bale. Includes cylinders (less hoses). Models for almost all carrier styles. 730 LBS

*Must let us know the type of carrier style your loader has.

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