3 Point Hitch Sprayer

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Premium yellow spray tank
molded from HDPE to 1.5 SG with UV stabilizers for lasting service.

Fully plumbed spray system
comes ready for use with valves, pressure gauge, pump and bypass.

Integrated steel frame
features a corrosion resistant powder coating and parking stands.

Heavy duty nylon straps
secure the tank to the frame and detach to allow tank removal.

Three point hitch coupler
provides quick hookup on 3 point tractors, compact to standard.

Integrated steel frame
features a corrosion resistant powder coating and parking stands.

Handgun and 25ft hose
allows spot spraying of targets where booms may not reach.

Boomless nozzle attachments
deliver wide swath coverage and extend the reach of boom sprayers.

Breakaway booms to 35ft
with 20in nozzle spacing are ideal for small to mid sized applications.

Part #GallonsBoom Option
3P55-1400PL551400 PL Boominator
3P55-4R554 Row Boom
3P55-BJ555880 Boomjet
3P55-BXT55XT010 Boomless Nozzle
3P55-HAM55#10 Hamilton Nozzle
3P55-KLC-1855KLC-18 Nozzle
3P110-1870FL1101870 PL Boominator
3P110-6R1106 Row Boom
3P110-8R1108 Row Boom
3P110-BJ1105880 Boomjet
3P110-BXT110XT010 Boomless Nozzle
3P110-HAM110#10 Hamilton Nozzle
3P150-1870FL1501870 PL Boominator
3P150-6R1506 Row Boom
3P150-8R1508 Row Boom
3P150-BJ1505880 Boomjet
3P150-BXT150XT010 Boomless Nozzle
3P150-HAM150#10 Hamilton Nozzle
3P200-1870FL2001870 PL Boominator
3P200-6R2006 Row Boom
3P200-8R2008 Row Boom
3P200-BJ2005880 Boomjet
3P200-BXT200XT010 Boomless Nozzle
3P200-HAM200#10 Hamilton Nozzle
3P200-TXB200Texas Boom
3P300-1870FL3001870 PL Boominator
3P300-35X17L30035' X-Boom & 17L TeeJet Valve
3P300-6R3006 Row Boom
3P300-8R3008 Row Boom
3P300-BJ3005880 Boomjet
3P300-BXT300XT010 Boomless Nozzle
3P300-HAM300#10 Hamilton Nozzle
3P300-TXB17L300Texas Boom & 17L TeeJet Valve

Additional information

Boom Type Options

Boom, Boomless

Gallon Size Options

110, 150, 200, 300, 55

Application Type Options

35' X-Boom, 4 Row Boom, 5880 Boomjet, 6 Row Boom, 8 Row Boom, Boominator, Full Boominator, Hamilton Nozzle, KLC-18 Nozzle, None, Texas Boom, XT024 Nozzle

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